Some Mistake in the Card2

    A ball was to be given in Toronto, C. W., in honor of Lord Money, and a secessionist from Windsor visited a member of the Cabinet hoping thereby to obtain an invitation to the ball. He presented his card—" Mr. ———, Southern Confederacy." The gentleman took it, examined it curiously, and remarked dryly, " Mr. ———, of the S-o-u- t-h-e-r-n C-o-n-f-e-d-e-r-a-c-y, eh! Well, Sir, our Government is not aware of the existence of such an 'institution.' There must be some mistake, Sir," and the secessionist was courteously bowed out. It would have done honor to that Cabinet had the example of rebuff thus set in the early stage of the rebellion, towards its abettors, been carried out consistently to the end. But, if there were others similarly bowed out, there were certainly a much larger number who were bowed in, and to whom the doors of provincial favor opened on golden hinges.

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