Afraid of the Girl's Eye2

    The house of the celebrated, bold- hearted and out-spoken Parson Brownlow, was, at one time, the only one in Knoxville over which the Stars and Stripes were floating. According to arrangement, two armed secessionists went at six o'clock one morning to summarily haul down said stars and stripes.  Miss Brownlow, a brilliant young lady of twenty-three, saw them on the piazza, and stepped out and demanded their business. They replied:
    "We have come to take down them Stars and Stripes."
    She instantly drew a revolver from her side, and presenting it, saidó
    "Go on ! I'm good for one of you, and I think for both !"
    "By the look of that girls eye she'll shoot," one remarked; "I think we'd better not try it; we'll go back and get more men," said the other.
    "Go and get more men," said the noble lady; "get more men and come and take it down, if you dare!"
    They returned with a company of ninety armed men, and demanded that the flag should be hauled down. But on discovering that the house was filled with gallant men, armed to their teeth, who would rather die as dearly as possible than see their country's flag dishonored, the secessionists retired, much after the fashion of cur-dogs sideling along with their tails between their hind-legs.

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