Hurrahs for Jeff. Davis in the Wrong Place2

    One morning, as a returned soldier named Thompson, residing in Washington, was engaged in conversation with some parties at a public house in Peoria, Illinois, an individual entered, and as he passed the soldier, shouted, "Hurrah for Jeff. Davis!" In an instant the soldier turned and asked, " Did you shout for Jeff. Davis ?" The individual surveyed Thompson for a moment, and, seeing that he meant mischief, replied that it was not he. "Well," said the soldier, "I believe that you did, and if I was sure of it I would give you cause to remember it." He again declared that he had not done so, when at this juncture one of the men Thompson had been conversing with, and who had always acted with the Democratic party, stepped up, saying to the soldier, " I am a Democrat, but I can't stand that; he did hurrah for Jeff. Davis, and now pitch into him." The veteran hesitated not a moment, and, though by far the smaller of the two, he went at the Jeff. Davis sympathizer and administered a spirited and most thorough drubbing, concluding the performance by compelling him to shout twice, as loud as he was able, for Abe Lincoln. Then, allowing the fellow to get on his feet, he cautioned him never to repeat that operation again in his presence, saying—
    "I have fought rebels three years, and had a brother killed by just such men as you are, and whenever a traitor shouts for Jeff. Davis in my hearing I will whip him or kill him."

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