The Photographic History of the Civil War
                  Volume 7 -
Prisons and Hospitals

  Castle Pinkney, Confederate Boy-Soldiers Guarding Union Captives, 1861



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Confederate Boy-Soldiers Guarding Union Captives, 1861

Prisoners from Bull Run in Castle Pinkney

Above, the Charleston Zouave Cadets

The Union prisoners shown in this remarkable photograph are members of the Seventy‑ninth (Highlanders) Regiment of New York  City and the Eighth Michigan Regiment, captured at the first battle of Bull Run, July 21, 1861. Guarding them on the, parapet are a number of the Charleston Zouave Cadets. The bearded officer resting his head on his hand, next to the civilian, is Captain C. E. Chichester, of the Cadets. Next to him is Private T. G. Boag, and sitting in front of him with his coat in his hands is Lieutenant E. John White. The head and shoulders of W. H. Welch, orderly‑sergeant, appear behind the mouth of the cannon. The center figure of the three cadets sitting at his left, with his sword‑point on the ground, is Sergeant (later Captain) Joseph F. Burke. The uniform of the Seventy‑ninth New York was dark blue with a small red stripe on trousers and jackets. The latter had small brass buttons. On their caps was the number "79" in brass figures. Many of the other men shown without coats belonged to the Eighth Michigan Infantry. This photograph and the two others of Castle Pinckney shown on subsequent pages were taken in August, 1861.

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