The Photographic History of the Civil War
                  Volume 7 -
Prisons and Hospitals

  Awaiting Transportation to a Northern Prison (2004 material)


Below is a comparison of two images from the same negative made, apparently, many years apart.  The top image is from the book and the bottom image is a digital image from the Library of Congess.

Prisoners captured at the battle of Chattanooga.  These images have been cropped from the above image of rebel prisoners awaiting transportation to prisons in the North. The modern digital image was downloaded from the Library of Congress.  

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This online edition of The Photographic History of the Civil War includes improved images using digital images from the Library of Congress, when available. It also includes additional images that are either cropped from the Library of Congress digital images or are related to the specific topic being discussed in the article or page.

Volume 7 of the History is the first volume I'm publishing online simply because it was the one I was interested in when I decided to publish.

More to come, I hope.


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