The Photographic History of the Civil War
                  Volume 7 -
Prisons and Hospitals

  (2004 material)


Close-ups of Belle Plain Camp

The top left  image shows that the site of the hill is crowded with tents, many of them probably make-shift. On the top of the rise are the silhouettes of what are likely prisoners.

The top right image is a vertical slice enlargement that shows more of the shelters, though no men can me made out in the image. (continued below picture)

The bottom left image is of the small bridge described in the books narrative.

The narrative also states, "Farther to the right is a group of Union soldiers." I'm not sure how the editor in the early 1900's determined that they were Union soldiers, but it sure looks to me as though it is a group of men in varying stages of undress, taking advantage of the the stream to bathe and possibly wash what little apparel they had. 

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This online edition of The Photographic History of the Civil War includes improved images using digital images from the Library of Congress, when available. It also includes additional images that are either cropped from the Library of Congress digital images or are related to the specific topic being discussed in the article or page.

Volume 7 of the History is the first volume I'm publishing online simply because it was the one I was interested in when I decided to publish.

More to come, I hope.


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