The Photographic History of the Civil War
                  Volume 7 -
Prisons and Hospitals

  The Keepers of Point Lookout Prison


The Keepers of Point Lookout Prison

James Barnes and Staff at Point Lookout, MD.

Barnes was in command of the district of St. Mary's, with headquarter's at Point Lookout, Md., during the latter part of the war. Here the largest prison of the North was established August 1, 1863, on the low peninsula where the Potomac joins the Chesapeake Bay. No barracks were erected within the enclosure; tents were used instead. There was at all times a sufficiency or these for shelter, though at times nearly twenty thousand Confederate prisoners were in confinement here, and they were occasionally overcrowded.  Negro troops formed part of the guard, and such a vast number of prisoners naturally required a large organization to take care of them. In this photograph are shown all the officers in connection with the prison. From left to right, not counting the two soldiers holding the flags, they are: Dr. A. Heger, medical direclor; Captain C. H. Drew, assistant adjutant-general; Captain H. E. Goodwin; assistant quartermaster; Lieutenant H. C. Strong, assistant quartermaster; Brigadier-General James Barnes; Major A. G. Brady, provost-marshall; Dr. T. H. Thompson, Surgeon; Captain J. W. Welch, ordnance officer; Lieutenant Wilson, aide-de-camp; and the last is Lieutenant J. T. Cantwell, engineer.

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