The Photographic History of the Civil War
                  Volume 7 -
Prisons and Hospitals

  At Cox's Landing Waiting for the Flag-of-Truce Boat (2004 material)


This page is a section title page.  The image, when compared with the image at the Library of Congress is very interesting.

The man standing on the driftwood log appears to be the focus of the image.  However, when viewed close, this part of the image is not totally in focus, with the man partially blurred, probably due to motion.

The pier behind the standing figure appears to be insignificant.  However, a closer look reveals that there is actually a soldier reclining on the pier


page 97  in 1911 book

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This online edition of The Photographic History of the Civil War includes improved images using digital images from the Library of Congress, when available. It also includes additional images that are either cropped from the Library of Congress digital images or are related to the specific topic being discussed in the article or page.

Volume 7 of the History is the first volume I'm publishing online simply because it was the one I was interested in when I decided to publish.

More to come, I hope.


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