The Photographic History of the Civil War
                  Volume 7 -
Prisons and Hospitals

  Confederates in a Northern Keep Fort Warren


page 123 in 1911 book

The image below is from New York Historical Society Images at the Library of Congress website.

A poorer quality image is found on The Naval Historical Center site.  With that image, however, are the names of the prisoners:

Confederate Navy and Army Officers

Photographed at Fort Warren, Boston Harbor, Massachusetts, while they were prisoners of war, circa 1863-1864.
All, or nearly all, of the Navy officers had been captured with CSS Atlanta and CSS Tacony in June 1863, were paroled in September 1864 and exchanged in October 1864.
Those present are identified as (apparently from left to right):
Acting Master Thomas L. Wragg (of the Atlanta);
Lieutenant Moses, CSA;
Acting Gunner Thomas B. Travers (Atlanta);
1st Assistant Engineer William T. Morrill (Atlanta);
Acting 2nd Assistant Engineer Leslie G. King (Atlanta);
Master's Mate J.B. Beville;
Pilot Thomas L. Hernandez (Atlanta);
Acting Midshipman James A. Peters (Atlanta);
Captain Underwood, CSA;
Major Boland, CSA;
2nd Assistant Engineer Eugene H. Brown (Tacony);
2nd Assistant Engineer Joseph S. West (Atlanta);
Master George Henry Alldridge;
Master's Mate John W. Billups (Tacony);
Captain Saunders, CSA;
Pilot James M. Fleetwood (Atlanta);
Master's Mate William McBlair, Jr. (Atlanta);
Reid Saunders, CSA;
Lieutenant Alphonse Barbot (Atlanta);
Pilot W.W. Austin (Atlanta);
Second Lieutenant Charles W. Read (Tacony);
Samuel Sterritt, CSA;
Acting Midshipman John A.G. Williamson (Atlanta);
First Lieutenant Joseph W. Alexander (Atlanta);
Commander William A. Webb (Atlanta's Commanding Officer);
Signal Officer Preston;
The presence of two officers named Saunders has been reliably called into question.
U.S. Naval Historical Center Photograph

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