The Photographic History of the Civil War
                  Volume 7 -
Prisons and Hospitals

  Confederates Facing Their Second Fight, 1865


"Les Miserables De Point Lookout"‑Confederates Facing Their Second Fight, 1865

The above caption written on this photograph by a Confederate prisoner's hand speaks eloquently for itself. This was the only Federal prison without any barracks. Only tents stood upon the low, narrow sand-spit. Prisoners were sent here from the West for exchange at City Point; at times as many as twenty thousand were crowded within the limits of the stockade. But from the faded photograph on this page there is reflected the spirit of the Confederate army ‑ devotion to duty. As the ex-soldiers stood in line, a task awaited them calling for the truest bravery ‑ the rebuilding of their shattered communities. How well they fought, how gallantly they conquered in that new and more arduous struggle, the following half-century witnessed. On this page is represented David Kilpatrick (third from left), who became mayor pro tem. of New Orleans, and G. W. Dupré  (tenth), later clerk of the Louisiana Supreme Court. Others well known later as citizens of their home communities and of the United States, can be picked out from the complete roster from left to right as it was written on the photograph: "J.F. Stone, First Maryland Cavalry; H. C. Florance, First W. Artillery; D. Kilpatrick, First W. Artillery; William Byrne, Cit. Maryland; D. W. Slye, Cit. Maryland; Van Vinson, First W. Artillery; J. Black, Louisiana Guard; F. F. Case, First W. Artillery; G. W. Dupré, First W. Artillery; C. E. Inloes, First Maryland Cavalry; Edwin Harris, Company H., Seventh Louisiana; W. D. DuBarry, Twenty‑seventh South Carolina; H. L. Allan, First W. Artillery; G. R. Cooke, First Maryland Cavalry; J. Bozant, First W. Artillery; C. Rossiter, First W. Artillery, and S. M. E. Clark, First W. Artillery" (abbreviation for Washington Artillery).

page 125  in 1911 book

The image was provided in the book in landscape format, enlarged below in two halves to approximate the size in the book.

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