MARCH 12, 1862.--Skirmish near Aubrey, Kans.
Report of Col. Robert H. Graham, Eighth Kansas Infantry.

Leavenworth, March 19, 1862.

SIR: I have the honor to report that on the 10th instant I received intelligence that the rebel Quantrill had with his band entered Johnson County,  in this State, and murdered several citizens at Aubrey, in said county, and carried away quite an amount of property. I was instructed from headquarters of the then Department of Kansas to take such steps as were necessary to protect the citizens of the exposed region. I accordingly sent orders to Capt. John Greelish, Company E, Eighth Regiment Kansas Volunteers, to move his command immediately from Olathe, Kans., to Aubrey, and to take such measures as he deemed best to defend the citizens of that locality. Two days after a skirmish took place near Aubrey between about 30 men of his company, under First Lieutenant Rose, and a portion of Quantrill's band. From the official report of Captain Greelish I learn that it resulted in the retreat of Quantrill, with a loss of 2 killed and several wounded. Several horses were also killed. On his retreat Quantrill drove a family from their home and burned their house.

On our side none killed, and but 1 wounded--private Charles Cooney, severely in the foot. I have ordered another company of my command to join Captain Greelish, both to be under command of Maj. E. F. Schneider, Eighth Regiment Kansas Volunteers.

I am fully satisfied that I cannot, as provost-marshal-general, protect the State from guerrilla parties from without and the depredations of the horde of jayhawkers within with the present scattered condition of my regiment without several companies of cavalry.

I have the honor to be, general, very respectfully, your most obedient servant,


 Colonel Eighth Kansas Regiment, Provost-Marshal-General.

 Maj. Gen. H. W. HALLECK,

 Commanding Department of the Mississippi.


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