August 12, 1862, St. Louis, Mo.,
Brigadier-General J. M. Schofield to General Totten

SAINT Louis, Mo., August 12, 1862.

General TOTTEN,  Jefferson City, Mo.:

Poindexter has crossed Grand River into Carroll County. General Loan is after him with 1,200 men. I have telegraphed him to push on and prevent his junction with Quantrill and re-enforce Lexington if possible. General Brown says Coffee is moving east via Bolivar with 2,000 men. He probably has designs upon the trains from Rolla, but possibly may go up Linn Creek.

Rains, with about 1,000 men, is supposed to be near Carthage, going north. We must abandon all small posts, keep our troops in large bodies, and strike the guerrillas quickly and with vigor. The John Warner has arms for Lexington. I will send you the others you require and ammunition immediately.




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