August 14, 1862, St. Louis, Mo.,
 Brigadier-General J. M. Schofield to General Brown

SAINT LOUIS, MO., August 14, 1862.

General BROWN,  Springfield, Mo.:

No troops have been sent south of the Osage. It has been necessary to concentrate the troops north of the Osage upon Hughes and Quantrill  in Jackson County. If Rains and Coffee are both west of you it must be a mistake about any very large force south of Forsyth. I apprehend it is a mere demonstration to facilitate the movements of Rains and Coffee. It may, however, be the reverse. The movements of Rains and Coffee may be intended to draw your troops away from Springfield. Do not let them deceive you. If you cannot rely upon your spies, make a strong cavalry reconnaissance into Carroll County to ascertain <ar19_568> the facts, giving the commanding officer orders, if he finds the enemy advancing in such force as to make it necessary to concentrate, to send dispatches direct to the troops operating against Rains and Coffee, so that they may reach Springfield in time.




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