August 16, 1862, Jefferson City, Mo.
Brigadier-General Totten to Brigadier General Scofield

JEFFERSON CITY, August 16, 1862.

  Brig. Gen. JOHN M. SCHOFIELD,  Commanding District:

Every single movement has been telegraphed you. On the 14th you said: "Now is your time to strike Hughes and Quantrill; let the blow be quick and overwhelming." The same day you were telegraphed that Colonel Warren was ordered north last night with his entire force of at least 1,500 and one section of artillery. He must be near Warrensburg to-night or beyond. Foster will be sent southwesterly with 1,000 and section of artillery till he can communicate with Warren, when all will move on the rebels in Jackson County. Can you not get the Leavenworth forces sent back to Kansas City to co-operate for a few days? It is needed very much now.

Upon receiving last night a dispatch from Warren, dated on Deep Water, in Henry County, a copy of which I sent you, I immediately ordered Colonel Huston to send after Foster and order him back to Lexington. The order was sent, and at sunrise this morning was within 5 miles of Foster. All this has been dispatched you promptly.

The Warner was sent to Kansas City for Linder's command, which had arrived there from Harrisonville; besides these two companies, there are at Kansas City one company of Huston's regiment and one of militia. Send the Leavenworth forces to their assistance immediately.

By yesterday's dispatch you will see that Major Eno, from Warsaw, and all troops in that direction were ordered to Sedalia. I want Cole's battery, and as much more infantry as you can possibly spare me; those you send to-morrow, I understand, are perfectly raw. I shall go myself in command.




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