October 14, 1862, St. Louis, Mo.,
Major-General Saml. R. Curtis to General Ben Loan

SAINT LOUIS, MO., October 14, 1862.

 General BEN. LOAN,  Jefferson City, Mo.:

A messenger and negro boy were taken in Lawrence County with dispatches from Cockrell to Hindman, saying that he (Cockrell)had left Hindman at Pineville and gone north; that he has 1,500 sworn in and expected many more by the 10th; that he could arm two-thirds, and expected to attack Sedalia about the 12th instant and destroy the Southwest Branch; that he had learned there were only 3,000 militia north of the Osage River. The messenger and boy say Cockrell is in Johnson County with about 300, and Quantrill in Jackson with 250. That Cockrell is not going to attack, but wants to get out of the State.

Catch him if you can.




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