October 18, 1862, Department of Missouri
Major General Saml. R. Curtis to Brigadier-General John. M. Schofield

October 18, 1862.

 Brig. Gen. JOHN M. SCHOFIELD,  Elkhorn Tavern, Ark.:

Will direct the completion, but don't fancy the location to stand on. The rebels will attack your flank and rear by Roaring River and other places.

I believe I gave you the location of Holmes and others. They are certainly east of Little Rock. The Missouri bands are considerable trouble and threaten your trains. I have no force to add as support, but will try to check with what I have. Jefferson City reports 1,500 at Portland on river. Lexington reports 700 in or south of Johnson County.

Springfield reports two or three regiments at West Plains, and Quantrill took and burned a town in Kansas yesterday. To check a move from West Plains through Houston I have sent more force to Salem, and Caldwell is en route for Lebanon.

Bands are small and generally trying to get out of the State, but no doubt anxious to destroy something in passing. If Rains has gone beyond Huntsville he must go beyond Boston Mountains, and you can make your detour West.




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