November 6, 1862, Harrisonville, Mo.,
Phillip A. Thompson to Colonel Peneck

Harrisonville, Mo., November 6, 1862.

 Colonel PENICK,  Independence, Mo.:

COLONEL: Since writing you last Colonel Catherwood has returned without accomplishing anything, not even killing the 2 men I wrote you about before. He came on Quantrill encamped for the night in a little grove of about 5 acres of timber, with prairie in all directions for 10 miles around, but he so managed as to let them all get away without killing a single man.

Twelve of the men murdered by Quantrill when the train was captured were buried today with the honors of war, the most of them were teamsters, who were unarmed at the time they were killed; all of them but one were shot through the head, showing conclusively that they were murdered after they were taken prisoners. It was a shocking affair, sending so large a train with an escort of but 20 men. Fifteen wagons were piled up and burned, the cattle unyoked and turned loose, but have not yet been found.

They pursued Quantrill and his forces within 10 miles of Pleasant Gap, near which place Cockrell is represented to be with about 700 men. As it is so difficult to get south, and so many Federal forces are in Arkansas, I think it highly probable that the whole force under Cockrell and Quantrill will return and attempt to take Harrisonville and such other points as are most exposed. Quantrill was re-enforced last Sunday with 33 Enrolled Militia, with new guns and fixtures complete. A negro captured from Quantrill says they are from the north side of the river. Lieutenant Newby verifies the same statement; says he saw the men and guns with his own eyes. All the small bands that have infested Jackson and La Fayette Counties have joined Quantrill, which swells his force to about 300, and leaves the above-named counties clear of any rebel force.

Tell the general not to throw us off, but to come and see us right away, and let us know where he wants us to stay, and what he wants us to do.

The general got every vote polled in our part of the regiment for Congress. I hope he is elected. Send me by return messengers all the mail matter, news, &c., you are in possession of, and write me about matters and things generally.

Your obedient servant,


Send all the news about the election in our district.


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