November 6, 1862, Leavenworth City, Kansas,
Dr. Thomas Hamill to Major General Curtis

LEAVENWORTH CITY, November 6, 1862.

 Major-General CURTIS:

DEAR SIR: I have often thought I would send you a few lines regarding the protecting the State line between Missouri and Kansas. You have heard of Quantrill in Jackson County, Missouri, and his visits over into Kansas. I have been living in Johnson County, Kansas, for four years. I was in Olathe when he came there; he took everything of wearing apparel and all the horses that he could get; he took all of my clothes, a good horse, and a fine gold watch; but we did not care for being robbed, if he had not killed our citizens in cold blood, taking our best citizens from the bosom of their families and shooting them down like so many hogs. It is horrible to relate. Our new State has put into the field thirteen regiments; more than any other State in the Union. Now, general, we want to be protected along the line, and we want cavalry, as infantry is of no use but to hold posts, as you are well aware of. There are many families leaving this and other counties along the line. We have two companies of Kansas Twelfth; if they had not been stationed here I do not think there would be scarcely one man left in Olathe. Olathe is some 10 miles from the line. Nearly all the families have left between us and the line. We would like to have our Kansas troops stationed on the line. I have no motive in saying that we want our Kansas troops stationed along the line, only that all our people would know the country and be nearer home. Dear general, you have no idea of the distracted state of this country. I saw our newly-elected Governor this evening, and he said that he was going to see General Lane about having men stationed along the lines and then see you about it, general. We have elected all the Republican ticket this fall.

One thing more: You ought to send a good regiment of Missouri State Militia into Jackson County, and have that notorious bushwhacker Quantrill caught this winter.

From your friend and well-wisher,



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