JUNE 11, 1862.--Skirmish at Pink Hill, Mo.
Report of Col. Daniel Huston, jr., Seventh Missouri Cavalry.

Lexington, Mo., June 15, 1862.

SIR: I have received a report from Lieutenant-Colonel Buel to the following purport:

A mail escort, which left Independence for Harrisonville on the morning of the 11th instant, consisting of 23 men and 2 non-commissioned officers of Captain Cochran's company of Missouri State Militia, was fired into 15 miles from Independence, and 2 men of the escort were killed and 2 wounded. A scout sent out by Colonel Buel failed to find the marauders. Colonel Buel also reports that information, believed to be reliable, had been received that Quantrill, with 60 men, was near Pink Hill. He closes his communication by saying:

I shall not for the present have any more of my men shot carrying the mail between Independence and Harrisonville. I am obliged, by orders from District Headquarters, to keep the route open. I shall compel secessionists in this vicinity to carry that mail for a while. I believe this will be the best course I can pursue. On receipt of your dispatch yesterday I prepared one for Major Linder, at Harrisonville, and sent it by a secessionist, who has returned safely. I shall keep two companies in camp and the other two on the road constantly. The scouting party under Captain Spell-man, of Company C, Seventh Missouri Cavalry, has just returned. Captain Spellman reports having had an encounter with a body of 30 of Quantrill's men, in which his command killed 3 and severely wounded 2 more of the robbers. He captured a horse, with a complete set of Government cavalry equipments, from one of them, and brought in 3 prisoners. None of our men were injured.

By a dispatch just received from Major McKee, from Marshall, I learn that he has taken the notorious Captain Johnson, of Shelby County, prisoner, and has also captured 20 kegs of powder.

I am, &c.,


 JR., Colonel Seventh Mo. Vol. Cav., Comdg. Sub-District.


 A. A. A. G., Central Division, Mo.


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