June 11, 1862.--Skirmish at Pink Hill, Mo.
-- Report of Capt. J. F. Cochran, Second Battalion Missouri Cavalry (Militia).

June 11, 1862.

 SIR: Colonel Buel, commanding at Independence, Jackson County, ordered 24 men of my company to escort the mail to this place, a distance of 25 miles. I accompanied them. We had proceeded some 10 miles when I learned that some of Quantrill's men had been seen in the vicinity. I proceeded very slowly and cautiously, with 6 men riding by file as an advance. They had proceeded only a short distance when they were fired upon, 2 of them being killed on the spot and 3 dangerously wounded. I was about 50 yards in the rear with 18 men. We charged in the brush after them and routed them and then dismounted and searched the brush, and fired at them a number of times. I do not know what their loss was, as I had to leave to take care of the mail. The mail is safe. Captain Long, of our battalion, was fired upon from near the same place while escorting the mail a few weeks since.


Captain Company D, Second Battalion Cavalry, Mo. S. M.

 Brigadier-General TOTTEN.


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