August 11, 1862.--Action at and surrender of Independence, Mo.
No. 1. -- Report of Brig. Gen. James Totten.

Jefferson City, August 13, 1862.

COLONEL: Below are telegrams relative to the capture of Independence, received at this office on the 12th:

LEXINGTON, MO., August 12, l862.

Brigadier-General TOTTEN:

Two hundred and forty men that I sent yesterday to Independence, under Major Bredett, have just returned, and report that Independence was attacked by 1.500 men, under a Colonel Hughes and Quantrill, and after four hours' hard fighting Lieutenant-Colonel Buel surrendered. It is reported that the rebels are marching on this place. Major McKee has not yet arrived. I shall telegraph Colonel Catherwood to send me two or three companies. I am very anxious in regard to Major Linder, of Harrisonville, with his two companies. He must be on the march to Independence.


Colonel, Commanding Post.

LEXINGTON, Mo., August 12, 1862.

General TOTTEN:


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