October 15, 1863, Sedalia, Mo.,
Brigadier-General E. B. Brown to Major-General Schofield

SEDALIA, Mo., October 15, 1863---4 p.m.

GENERAL: After the defeat of the enemy at Marshall, which divided their forces, a part of my command, under Colonel Philips, followed the larger body, about 600 men, under Shelby, which moved to the west with a portion of their train. About 300, under Colonel Hunter, with one piece of artillery, which they managed to get off the field, moved southeast and crossed the Pacific Railroad between Syracuse and Otterville last night, pursued by Major Houts, of the Seventh Missouri State  Militia. This force will probably cross the Osage in the vicinity of Warsaw. The portion pursued by Colonel Philips passed south between this and Warrensburg last night. Colonels Weer and Lazear, who moved west immediately after the battle of Marshall, managed to get in ahead of Colonel Philips, and took up the pursuit, having fresh horses, Colonel Philips abandoning the pursuit. I have just learned that Hunter was 10 miles east of Cole Camp at 11 this morning, closely pursued by our troops. I arrived here at 3 o'clock this morning, and have ordered all the fresh troops under Colonel Hall in pursuit. I am informed that Jackman, Marchbanks, and Quantrill are in the border counties, and will endeavor to form a junction at some point south of the Osage. Colonel Philips dispatches that the enemy is running like wild hogs, and that [he] has captured all their train and ambulances, and two wagon loads of ammunition.



 Major-General SCHOFIELD.


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