February 7, 1863, Camp Morgan, Jackson County, Missouri,
Colonel S. Cockerill, C. S. Army to Major General Curtis, U. S. Army

February 7, 1863

 Major-General CURTIS,  U.S. Army:

SIR: The troops of your command in this section of the country are committing outrages known only to barbarians, such as the killing of innocent and defenseless men, burning houses, and banishing men, women, and children, for no other cause than being opposed to the negro-thieving policy of the Administration, and they say that it is agreeably to your orders. Now, sir, I want to know if such is the case. And if, like the other Federals, you undertake to justify such conduct, under the pretext that your troops have been bushwhacked, I will let you know that there is not a bushwhacker in this county, nor has there been since Quantrill entered the Confederate States army, though I believe it is true that there are 100, more or less, Confederate soldiers in Jackson County that are often, to use Federal phraseology, "compelled" to ambuscade your troops to save their lives, as there is no disposition to show them any quarter. Further, I would ask of you to inform me whether it is tolerated by you or not, this taking of Confederate soldiers and throwing them into prison, and, when they get sick, give them poison instead of medicine. This was done at Warrensburg. Another was taken and shot at Lone Jack; this one was a hospital nurse. Now, sir, if this is permitted, I will not only hoist a black flag, as Major Foster did last summer, but I will fight under it, and show no quarter to any claiming protection under the Stars and Stripes. If this is your mode of warfare, you will please inform me, by the publication of such orders in the Republican.


Colonel, C. S. Army.


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