August 27, 1863, Kansas City, Mo.,
Brigadier-General Thomas Ewing, Jr. to Major General John M. Schofield

KANSAS CITY, Mo., August 27, 1863.

Saint Louis, Mo.:

Quantrill's men are scattered in their fastnesses throughout the border counties, and are still being hunted by all available troops from all parts of the district. Many of them have abandoned their worn-out horses and gone to the brush afoot. They were all remounted at Lawrence, with horses they captured there, and they led their own horses back, packing the plundered goods. The led horses and stolen goods were nearly all abandoned in the chase before they got far into Missouri; 300 horses have already been taken by our troops, including some of those taken at Lawrence. Most of the goods and much of the money stolen have been retaken, and will, as far as possible, be restored. Reports received since my dispatch of yesterday of 21 killed, making in all about 80. I think it will largely exceed 100 before any considerable part of our troops withdraw from the pursuit. No prisoners have been taken, and none will be. All the houses in which Lawrence goods have been found have been destroyed, as well as all the houses of known guerrillas, wherever our troops have gone. I intend to destroy the houses of all persons in the border counties, outside of military stations, who do not remove, in obedience to my last general order, by the 9th day of September next.




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