September 3, 2003, Leavenworth, Kans.,
Thomas Carney to Major-General John M. Schofield

LEAVENWORTH, KANS., September 3, 1863.

Commanding Department of the

GENERAL: The brutal outrages committed upon the unoffending and unarmed citizens of Lawrence by Quantrill and his band has not only aroused every man in the State, but shocked the whole country. The wish of both is that the doers of these bloody deeds, their aiders and abettors, shall be steadily pursued and surely punished, for there can be no safety in the present and the future while these miscreants are permitted to live.

The 9th day of this month, by order of your district commander, is the day fixed upon to begin this summary punishment. That this punishment may be swift and sure, I offer you any forces at my command. You have promptly sent me a sufficient quantity of arms to meet the wants of the State. With these arms in their hands, and organized, our citizens can repel any raid which brutal marauders like Quantrill and his band may attempt, and punish instantly and severely those who shall aid and abet them. I have confidence only in organized action, and, satisfied both of your ability to lead any forces and your resolve to punish the guilty, I shall be happy to place the military of the State at your disposal.

I am, very respectfully, your obedient servant,




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