September 11, 1863, Pleasant Hill, Mo.,
Colonel Wm. Weer to Brigadier-General

PLEASANT HILL, September 11, 1863.

 Brigadier-General EWING,
Commanding District of the Border:

SIR: I arrived here last evening. Our forces ready for the field number some 350. With these we propose to scour the Sni country, and should information fix Quantrill's locality or that of his band anywhere else, we will probably go there. As this force will remain some few days in this neighborhood, allow me to request that subsistence stores be sent here forthwith, say some five thousand rations. One of the infantry companies at Kansas City could escort the train. I think, in view of the disturbed state of public feeling in regard to Quantrill, it would be well to have the Associated Press informed that I am in pursuit of Quantrill and his gang, but that, being scattered into small parties, hiding in the brush, they are difficult [to find]. This ought to stop the continued gabble on the subject. I really can form no adequate idea as to our success. From all I can hear, we will have to scour the brush, and, probably, then only succeed in capturing small squads. I can form a better idea after reaching the Sni. We will, probably, be there to-day, unless something interesting is found this side of there.

Communications to me had better be addressed here.

Respectfully, your obedient servant,


 Colonel, &c.


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