September 14, 1863, Pleasant Hill, Mo.,
Lieutenant-Colonel C. S.
Clark to Assistant Adjutant-General A. D. Searl

PLEASANT HILL, MO., September 14, 1863.

 A. D. SEARL: Assistant Adjutant-General:

SIR: We have just returned from a scout through Lone Jack, Chapel Hill, Bloodsaw Mill, and Blue Springs, and, from information received, I am of the opinion that Quantrill intends another raid in Kansas on his way south. I think he intends to cross the line in the vicinity of Cold Water Grove, probably not far from where he went in the last time, You will immediately send this information to all the commands along the border; also notify the people of the towns and counties along the border. My opinion is, should Quantrill invade Kansas again, he will strike the line near Aubrey, by Paola and Ossawatomie, then pass down west of Fort Scott and east of the Neosho. Quantrill says that he intends to kill, burn, and plunder everything in their way south. Tell the troops and people of this, and, for God's sake, be on your guard. Leave nothing undone. I am doing everything possible. Colonel Weer is with me in command, and is trying hard to ferret out the bushwhackers. Finally, Searl, let no act or omission of ours favor these he l-hounds in their designs on Kansas.



 Lieutenant-Colonel, Commanding.


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