September 16, 1863, Leavenworth, Kans,
J. B. Stockton to Senator James H. Lane

LEAVENWORTH, KANS., September 16, 1863.


SIR: I called this morning at the Leavenworth Arsenal, and Major [John] McNutt, the ordnance officer, informed me that no orders had been received to deliver the battery of mountain howitzers upon the order which you gave me. He said that General Ripley, in his letter of transmittal, said "they were sent at your solicitation, to be used by the citizens of Kansas in defense of the State," but unless orders from the War Office came to deliver to you, a requisition would have to be taken to Saint Louis and have General Schofield approve it. No time should be lost. Our people feel very insecure, and a perfect stampede is taking place among our citizens in the border counties in Kansas. They have lost all confidence in the present military commanders, or their being able to stop the entrance of Quantrill and his gang; besides, Quantrill has notified the Union citizens of the border counties of Kansas, south of the Kaw River, that they must leave within fifteen days, as he intends to destroy everything. Hundreds are arriving here daily from that part of our State. The present state of things in Southern Kansas is truly lamentable.

Rumor reached here this morning that Quantrill had sacked and burned Ossawatomie night before last. We know not whether it is true, but have dispatched messengers to ascertain.

If I am to drill the citizens of Lawrence in artillery, I should like to commence soon, and orders to deliver the guns to me should be telegraphed at once.

Yours, &c.,



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