Before September 30, 1863, From The Weekly Conservative

The alarm among the Saint Louis Copperheads has not entirely subsided yet. Why don't you raise a subscription for your "poor refugees," who have been scared out of the border, and almost out of their wits, by the Paola meeting? They need aid, and just such papers as the Republican and just such men as Schofield ought to head the list. Their names would shed a "halo of glory" over a list of subscriptions for the relief of rebels. Besides, these "poor" men have all got votes.


The Saint Louis Republican calls the bushwhackers the "border citizens of Missouri;" so does Schofield. The Saint Louis Republican is a Copperhead; so is Schofield. That paper is getting unpopular because it is in favor of rebels; so is Schofield. Quantrill is a rascal; so is Schofield.


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