October 3, 1863, Harrisonville, Mo.,
Lieutenant-Colonel C. S.
Clark to Commanding Officer, Pleasant Hill

Harrisonville, Mo., October 3, 1863

 Commanding Officer,  Pleasant Hill:

SIR: I have information that Quantrill, with 500 or 600 men, came into Rose Hill yesterday, and plundered, tore up, and burned everything obnoxious to him; also that 100 of his men took dinner with Coleman, a farmer living on Big Creek. About the same number with Gates. They were having a big, high burning in that vicinity. As to the number, I think it is exaggerated, but I believe he was there, and that some of his men were seen on Big Creek today by my informant. Quantrill reports himself as on his road south. I have scouts out south and southwest. A party of Ladds, from this station, who were out foraging, were fired on by bushwhackers 4 miles out. The Ladds rallied and chased them 6 miles down Grand River. Any information received hereafter will be forwarded immediately.



Lieutenant-Colonel, Commanding.

P. S.--Please forward the contents of this to General Ewing and Colonel Weer.


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