October 4, 1863, Harrisonville, Mo.,
Lieutenant-Colonel C. S.
Clark to Brigadier-General Ewing

Harrisonville, Mo., October 4, 1863

 Brigadier-General EWING,  Commanding, &c.:

GENERAL: I received information yesterday that Quantrill was in Rose Hill Friday last, with 500 or 600 men, which I communicated to the commanding officer of Pleasant Hill, requesting him to forward to you and Colonel Weer. I had good reasons to believe that Quantrill could have but two objects in concentrating at Rose Hill, one to move directly south, the other to make a raid in Kansas, by marching across to Grand River by or near Austin, and enter Kansas south of Cold Water Grove.

I sent a scout of 20 men, under Lieutenant [Jesse E.] Parsons, with instructions to go as far as Mormon Fork, 16 miles south of this station. The scout started this morning at 8 o'clock, and returned at 9 o'clock to-night, without discovering any trail. I learned from Captain Duncan, of the Fifth Missouri Provisional Militia, who was escorting a circuit judge from Warrensburg to this place, and passed through Rose Hill to-day, that he learned at Rose Hill that Quantrill passed through that place Friday last with 500 or 600; and that he also learned from a man just in from Germantown, that Quantrill crossed the Osage near that place with some 300 men Saturday morning. I have made every effort to get information as to Quantrill's whereabouts since I have been at this station, and I believe the above to be correct, except that of his crossing the Osage, though I think he could have crossed in the time. It looks to me as though he would try and get the bushwhackers on Grand River, above Austin, before going south, unless he places more confidence in their meeting him on the Osage than I possibly could, for my men have been chasing them yesterday and to-day. I have no other reasons to doubt the correctness of the information given above.

Captain Duncan arrived at 6 o'clock this evening. My men are much worn, and horses jaded, but I will find where Quantrill has gone, to-morrow or rather today. It is now past 1 o'clock.

Respectfully, your obedient servant,


 Lieutenant Colonel, Commanding.


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