October 17, 1863, Wilmington, Kans.,
Captain John M. Allen to Brigadier-General

WILMINGTON, KANS October 17, 1863.

 Brigadier-General EWING:

SIR: I started on the 11th three trains to Council Grove, with orders to scout the country north of the road. The escort has returned, but found that the rumors about rebels being in that part of the country were without foundation.

On the 16th I started five more, and this morning, the 17th, have got one more started. There has been some excitement here, caused by a report that Quantrill was coming into the valley of the Neosho; but the excitement is again going down. I have kept scouts out, but have failed so far to find them, or of getting any information of the rebels. There is nothing of further importance to communicate. Recruiting is progressing rather slowly; I have recruited but two yet.

Your humble servant,


 Captain Company K, Eleventh Kansas Volunteer Cavalry.


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