October 20, 1863, Near Harrisonville, Mo.,
Lieutenant Wedington, Confederate Guerillas to Colonel Clark, Ninth
Kansas (Union)

NEAR HARRISONVILLE, October 20, 1863.

 Colonel CLARK,
Commanding Ninth Kansas:

SIR: I this morning have captured two of your soldiers, and, in accordance with the custom heretofore, they would be executed, but I release them from two considerations: One is that they are boys, and again, whereas Colonel Quantrill, commanding the Confederate guerrillas, is absent, the command is given to me during his absence. I heartily regret the inhuman treatment of prisoners here on the border, but, by this act, propose carrying it on in entirely a different way. I have released your men, and am willing to do it hereafter. Now, let us conduct the war in a way in which we will not be ashamed of in after years.

Yours, &c.,


 Lieutenant, Confederate Guerrillas.


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