December 23, 1863, Saint Louis, Mo.,
Brigadier-General Jas. Totten to Generals Sanborn, Brown and Ewing

SAINT LOUIS, MO., December 23, 1863.

  General SANBORN,  Springfield, Mo.:

General McNeil telegraphs information that Quantrill, with 250 men, has passed up into Missouri, and possibly may intend a raid into Kansas also. It will be necessary for you to warn all your different commands of this movement, and hold them in readiness to pursue the enemy wherever he may appear. You are also directed to keep these headquarters informed of all you learn of the movements of the enemy, so that if he appears northward in Missouri combined movements of the troops may be directed against him. Stand Watie is also north of the Arkansas.


 Brigadier-General and Chief of Staff.

(Same to Brown and Ewing.)


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