December 25, 1863, Springfield, Mo.,
Brigadier-General John B. Sanborn to Brigadier-General James Totten

Springfield, Mo., December 25, 1863

 Brig. Gen. JAMES TOTTEN,  Chief of Staff:

GENERAL: I have just received the following dispatch from Colonel Harrison, at Fayetteville:

Mr. West, a very reliable citizen of Cincinnati, left that place, 22 miles west of Fayetteville, on the evening of the 23d instant. Col. Stand Watie passed his house Sunday evening, going north, with about 300 men, well mounted, clothed, and armed. From two rebel deserters he learns that Col. William Penn Adair went up Grand River in the Nation, about the same time with 1,000 men, among whom were Quantrill and 280 men. This is the first intimation I have had of anything, except the 300 men of Stand Watie. Mr. West says that 300 men were to concentrate at Stand Watie's Mill, west of Maysville, and were coming back in a few days to burn Rhea's Mills and other Union property west of this. My scout from Maysville has not yet been heard from. A party of bushwhackers have again appeared near Cross Hollow within five days, and have robbed sutlers, citizens, &c. Nearly all my force is out. The rebels report that this expedition is principally for the purpose of moving out their families.


Colonel. Commanding.

Upon this information, I have ordered Colonel Phelps to take care of Cross Hollow and the vicinity, and shall order two more squadrons of cavalry to proceed to Neosho at once. The roads are so bad and the weather so uncertain that I have not deemed it advisable to send artillery. The present force at Neosho is 380 effective men. If the re-enforcements have arrived, I will increase this force to 500 men, at least.


 Brigadier-General, Commanding.


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