January 2, 1864, Alexandria, La.,
Major General R. Taylor to Brigadier General W. R. Boggs

Alexandria, January 2, 1864

 Brig. Gen. W. R. BOGGS,
Chief of Staff:

GENERAL: I have the honor to inclose a copy of communication to Brigadier-General Mouton, in reply to one from him inclosing copies of correspondence  with Colonel Harrison and Captain West, assistant adjutant-general on the staff of the lieutenant-general commanding, the originals of which have been forwarded directly to department headquarters. The plan proposed for the crossing of the arms is the one most likely to succeed and divides the risk. The signal station near Rodney, maintained for some months past under the charge of Lieutenant Routh, signal officer, has been broken up by the enemy. Lieutenant Routh reached here alone and reports the capture of his party, consisting of 7 men, and all his signal property, he alone escaping. Lieutenant Routh has been directed to report to the signal officer at Shreveport by letter. I respectfully ask that he be relieved from duty here. I desire to call the attention of the lieutenant-general commanding again to the subject of our defenses on the lower river. The scarcity of tools and labor still operates to delay the work. I trust the interest of the service will allow a portion of the labor, &c., at Shreveport to be temporarily detached to our assistance.

Respectfully, your obedient servant,





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