February 8, 1864, Indian Territory, South Canadian
Colonel William A Phillips to Brigadier-General Thayer

Indian Territory, South Canadian, February 8, 1864

 Brigadier-General THAYER,
Commanding District of the Frontier:

SIR: Your favor of the 3d instant just received and contents noted. I have had a detachment of cavalry at North Fork for three days to guide Colonel Moonlight to my command. I have the honor to report the most eminent success in clearing out the rebel Indian country so far. My forces under Major Willetts on Little River, and under Captains Anderson, Phillips, Lowe, Jacobs, and Crafts, Lieutenants Stevens and Timpson, have been sweeping the whole valley of the upper Canadian and its tributaries north and south, and secessionism is about wiped out. In the various skirmishes we have killed nearly 100 of the enemy, including Captain Washburn and taken 25 prisoners. The enemy appear to be stricken with consternation, and have abandoned this country. Each of the commands did well. From the best evidence I get the two Colonels Mcintosh and a Choctaw force are at Boggy Depot or on Boggy River.

General Cooper had his headquarters at Fort Towson two weeks ago, but rumor has it that he has moved to the vicinity of Fort Washita. Colonels Stand Watie and Adair are at Preston, Tex., and Quantrill reported to be at Bonham. I had intended to move to-morrow on Boggy, as I deemed it wiser to strike the enemy with what I had rather than allow them to concentrate. I shall, however, wait one day for Colonel Moonlight, and then move out my infantry. I moved out Colonel Wattles with the First to-day. I have now hopes that I may be able, substantially, to crush and end the rebellion in the Indian nation. I am adopting stern measures. The rebels here have hitherto only trifled with propositions for peace. When next made I have no doubt they will embrace them heartily.

I have the honor to remain, very respectfully,


Colonel, Commanding.


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