March 4, 1864, Fort Leavenworth, Kans.,
Major General S. R. Curtis to Brigadier General E. B. Brown

Fort Leavenworth, March 4, 1864

 Brig. Gen. E. B. BROWN,
Warrensburg, Mo.:

DEAR GENERAL: On my return from a long march down through the Indian country, and up through Arkansas and Missouri, I am glad to find your friendly letter of the 26th of January. I have been received very kindly by all parties in this unhappy country, and I am extremely anxious to preserve and deserve their confidence. There is much anxiety concerning affairs in La Fayette, Jackson, and other counties within your district, and I am glad to hear you have removed your headquarters to Warrensburg, much more convenient to the most troublesome portion of General Rosecrans' department.

I have located General McKean adjacent to you on this side, and I hope you will both of you join hands, not only in keeping such fiends as Quantrill and Todd out of the country, but in preventing all border difficulties between Missouri and Kansas. Your side of the line, being rough timber country, is most difficult to guard, and you need a large force, as I have suggested in letters and indorsements which I have sent to General Rosecrans. I shall be very glad indeed, general, to meet you here. I hope General Rosecrans, too, will take this place in on any visit he may make to Kansas. The people on both sides expect us to conclude the border warfare, and I do hope we may succeed. I am always glad to hear, general, of your prosperity, and you may always rely on my cordial support and friendship.

I remain, very truly, your old commander,




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