April 17, 1864, Camp Near Willaby, C. N.,
Colonel W. P. Adair to Colonel Stand Watie

 April 17, 1864

Commanding Brigade:

COLONEL: We arrived here day before yesterday. I sent a small scout to Rabbit Ford, near Gibson, which will return to-night or to-morrow with the news. I found Captain Gordon here and sent him above Spring Town, 35 miles, to see if he could make any discoveries in regard to the Kansian Indians. Captain Gordon says he ran into a camp of some half dozen of those Indians when he first came, about 10 miles above here. I have small scouts through the country. As soon as these scouts return I will determine what I will do, whether to go into the Cherokee Nation before attacking the Kansas Indians. I think it most likely that I will leave here day after to-morrow and take in the Indians, and thence to Gibson and through the nation. This, though, will depend on information received from my scouts. We find abundance of corn here anywhere. I expect 8,000 or 10,000 bushels can be had in this country. The enemy has not been here since they made the raid to Colbert's Mill. Small scouts came some two weeks ago to the neighborhood of Camp McIntosh.

Colonel Quantrill got in the neighborhood last night. He did not call but went on this morning. I have sent men to overtake him and try to come to some agreement with him. The Seminoles have not yet been heard of; I have sent to look for them. The grass is much shorter than I expected to find it. The Creek ponies are not able to go any farther. I will leave them to take out stock and such of their people as are here. We found some 400 Creeks in this neighborhood (women and children) who were supposed to be gone to the Federals. They are trying to move south. You had better let Colonel Mcintosh send for them; they are anxious to move south. I think our horses would do well here. Our horses are improving very fast. Gordon has 20 men.

Your friend,


 Colonel, Commanding Scouts.

P. S.--The Creeks, from what I can learn, of the Gibson command are encamped at the agency (a) and intend to farm there. This may be the first place I attack.




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