April 25, 1864, Fort Leavenworth, Kans.,
Major General S. R. Curtis to General Rosecrans

 LEAVENWORTH, April 26, 1864.


I have the following dispatch from Fort Gibson:


 Fort Gibson, April 23, 1864.

Major-General CURTIS:

SIR: I have already sent you two telegrams from Fort Smith. Thought Quantrill was going to Kansas. He had gone up on Grand River and, by night marches, I sent several small columns (I had only infantry) to meet him at daybreak on Price's Creek. It has rained hard for two days. The rivers are rising. Adair, who had 320 men, had been driven across Illinois River about Tahlequah, and has gone east. Seeing himself about to be taken between the rivers, Quantrill crossed the Verdigris and Arkansas by a forced march last night. The rivers are up this morning. My scouts were on his trail at daybreak, 20 miles southwest, across Arkansas River again. I have a force over there under Captain Kaufman that may meet him. Suffering here for the train.



Colonel, Commanding.

Adair, as you see, moved east. He may come up toward Missouri or Arkansas, but the rise has induced Quantrill to return, and Adair may also. Who knows?




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