April 26, 1864, Fort Leavenworth, Kans.,
 Major General S. R. Curtis to Brigadier General T. J. McKean

FORT LEAVENWORTH, April 26, 1864.

 Brig. Gen. T. J. MCKEAN:

You see by last report from Colonel Phillips that Captain Adair with about 300 had gone east from Tahlequah. Genera, Rosecrans also reports over 100 passed Clarksville, Ark., on their way to Missouri. You see, therefore, a force may be moving toward Southeast Kansas. The rains and high rivers may induce them to fall back as Quantrill did. You must, however, be on the alert. Can you do anything in the way of a block-house or redoubt, to make a small force competent to repulse cavalry? We must so arrange as to have some disposable movable force. You need a good colonel stationed at or near Humboldt, with men sufficient to take the field with mountain howitzers.

I am also anxious about Fort Larned and the Santa Fe road. Have you done anything in that direction? I know you need more forces, but we must watch and fight as best we can.




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