April 27, 1864, Fort Leavenworth, Kans.,
Major General S. R. Curtis to Major General Rosecrans

Fort Leavenworth, April 27, 1864

 Maj. Gen. W. S. ROSECRANS,
Commanding Department of the Missouri:

GENERAL: This will be handed you by Major Bowen, paymaster, a very worthy and prominent gentleman of my State of Iowa. He may desire an escort, and I hope you will furnish it, to pass him through your department. I would furnish it myself, but fear such a squad would advertise the object of the paymaster to bushwhackers and endanger the funds on their return trip. I desire, general, a copy of my official correspondence, most of which I have; but there is lacking the correspondence occurring between the 22d of November, 1862, to February 2, 1863. The great desire and opportunity to misunderstand and mystify motives and actions of officers holding important commands make such records constantly necessary for reference, and I must have them near me to give satisfactory answers to inquiries constantly made of me. It is not a personal but a public interest that is mainly subserved. I have a nephew a clerk in the office of Major Dunn, who would be competent to select the letters, orders, and telegrams that have such importance as to merit such a special care by me.

The Indian country has been attached to the Arkansas Department, the troops having been drawn away from mine. Our line on the Arkansas River is therefore entirely out of our control and very poorly guarded, hence the convenient move of Quantrill and others in this direction. High water and Colonel Phillips have checked present operations, but we may expect trouble from that quarter. I have for duty only 4,320 troops in my whole department, spread over this vast country and including troops on overland route, Santa Fe road, and in Colorado. I name this to you, that you may perceive my inability to meet expectations and support your exertions. But you may be sure, general, of a hearty co-operation and cordial response to your demands.

I have the honor to be, your very obedient servant,




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