April 28, 1864, Springfield, Mo.,
Brigadier General J. B. Sanborn to Major O. D. Greene

SPRINGFIELD, MO., April 28, 1864.

 Maj. O. D. GREENE,
Assistant Adjutant-General :

Colonel Jackman and his command, about 125 men, passed Carthage, in Jasper County, during the night of the 24th. He evades all posts and public roads and commits no depredations, and has moved since crossing the Arkansas about 40 miles a day. Five guerrillas have been killed in Dade County, and the band, about 40 in all, scattered through Dade, Barton, and Vernon Counties. The brother of Finch West, the leader, has been killed. Quantrill has been up Grand River 40 or 50 miles, but Colonel Phillips, commanding at Fort Gibson, says he has been driven back across the Arkansas. Colonel Adair, with 325 men, crossed the Illinois River, passing east above Tahlequah on the 9th. I have not been able to communicate with Fayetteville for four days, and infer that Adair is near that place or between here and there. The wire is up as far as the repairers from this district go, but down at and beyond Cross Hollow. Nearly all my mounted men are on the move. There are rumors that Jackman's design is to rob banks at Boonville and other towns.


 Brigadier-General, Commanding.


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