May 3, 1864, St. Louis, Mo.,
Major-General W. S. Rosecrans to Lieutenant-General Grant

SAINT Louis, Mo., May 3, 1864-2.30 p.m.

 Lieutenant-General GRANT:

All of Sherman's dismounted cavalry, save those on guard duty for the city, have been ordered down the river. For your information, I report that three parties of from 100 to 300 rebel cavalry are reported moving toward Missouri in the southwest. There are two or three rebel organizations in Illinois. Quantrill, with 800, is between the Illinois and Mississippi, below Quincy. Todd was discovered making arrangements for the raid, and captured near Independence. I hope to bring these conspirators and raiders to grief, but must remind you of the importance of this depot, with its steamboats and two large prisons well stocked with desperadoes. I await your final orders on my telegram of the 2d.




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