May 3, 1864, Neosho, Mo.,
Major Milton Burch to Brigadier General John B. Sanborn

NEOSHO, MO., May 3, 1864.

 Brig. Gen. JOHN B. SANBORN,
Commanding District of Southwest Missouri:

GENERAL: I have the honor to inform you that Capt. Ozias Ruark has returned from Grand River. He thinks that there are not more than 150 rebels down in that section. They range from Gilstrop's Ferry to Spavinaw, in Arkansas. They do not stay in a body, but are scattered through the county in small bands. He captured an Indian, who, I suppose, belongs to Stand Watie's command. He says Quantrill has gone north with 300 men. He says they went through in detachments of 30 or 40 men. They passed west of this 20 miles, according to his statement. There may be some truth in the statement, for there have been some rebels [who] went north by way of Baxter's Springs. I intend making a scout down southwest in a few days. I have not had the amount of scouting done that I would like to have done, owing to the bad condition of the horses of the command, caused by the scarcity of forage, but grass will be [up] in a few days, so horses will do well on [it] by not riding hard. I intend to keep the most of my command continually on the scout, moving some 10 or 15 miles a day, which will give ample time for grazing.

General, I have the honor to be, your most obedient servant,


 Major, Comdg. Detach. 8th Car., Missouri State Militia.


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