May 3, 1864, Saint Joseph, Mo.,
Brigadier General Clinton B. Fisk to Colonel j. H. Moss

 Saint Joseph, Mo., May 3, 1864

 Col. J. H. Moss,
Commanding Sub-District, Liberty, Mo.:

COLONEL: I am in receipt of your communication of 2d instant, inclosing telegram from General Rosecrans. I am not in possession of additional information relating to rebel and bushwhacking movements, excepting a dispatch from the general that Quantrill was about to make a raid from the Des Moines River. I can hardly credit this report, but think General Rosecrans believes it. I have not been apprehensive of trouble in your sub-district if the south side of the Missouri should be well cared for. I regard your conclusion as sound, and shall so advise General Rosecrans. I have not the troops to place another company in your sub-district. You must call out enough of the right kind of militia to care well for your bailiwick. General Rosecrans' telegraphic order to you covers the whole ground. I will write you more fully to-morrow.

I am, colonel, very respectfully, your obedient servant,




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