May 3, 1864, Fort Riley, Kans.,
Captain O. F. Dunlap to Lieutenant D. J. Craigie

Fort Riley, Kans., May 3, 1864

 Lieut. D. J. CRAIGIE,
Actg. Asst. Adjt. Gen., District of North Kansas:

SIR: I have the honor to report that, in addition to the usual drill, there has been considerable activity at this post since Saturday last, at which time I received information from district headquarters that a considerable body of rebels, supposed to be commanded by Quantrill and on their way to Central Kansas, had crossed the Arkansas River near Fort Smith. I immediately sent out three good, reliable men in the direction from which I thought it possible they might approach this post, if that were their design, with directions to keep a close watch of the resident sympathizers, as I felt sure that more could be gathered by shrewd men, who were well acquainted in the different localities into which I sent them, than in any other way. I also keep the approach to the post well picketed at night. I have furnished such arms as were at hand to Captain Booth, Company L, Eleventh Kansas Volunteer Cavalry, stationed at this post, taking his memorandum receipt. These arms are of various kinds, cavalry and infantry, and are unfit to issue to either except in case of emergency. I shall continue to use all diligence. The letter containing the intelligence above referred to, and marked at district headquarters to be forwarded with all possible dispatch, was four days coming from Fort Leavenworth, and that was much sooner than my mail matter usually reaches me, as it is frequently six, seven, and even as much as nine days on the way. I do not know where the difficulty is. I have the honor to be, sir, your obedient servant..

 O. F. DUNLAP Captain,

 Fifteenth Kansas Vol. Cav., Comdg. Post.


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