May 23, 1864, Fort Scott, Kans.,
Colonel C. W. Blair to General McKean

FORT SCOTT, May 23, 1864.

 General McKEAN:

Troops have returned from the chase of the party which attacked Lamar. They had too much the start. It seems the party was under the immediate command of a Captain Conan. There is also a party through there under a man named Greer. A trail of 25 men was found, who had represented themselves as Quantrill's men going to join their chief. Large numbers have been passing north, many of them 60 miles east of here, and they all tell the story to their friends that they are going to concentrate near Warsaw to-night, the 23d, where Marmaduke is to be in person, and where they expect to get together a force of about 3,000, make a big raid, and take the stores at Sedalia. I give you the information for what it is worth, so that if you think best you can notify by telegraph the authorities having charge of Warsaw and Sedalia and that region of country.


Colonel, Commanding, &c.


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