June 20, 1864, Parkville, Mo.,
Geo. S. Park to General Curtis, Confidential

CONFIDENTIAL. ]                                 PARKVILLE, MO., June 20, 1864.

 General CURTIS,
Fort Leavenworth, Kans.:

DEAR SIR: The day your forces were over here a Union scout of 14, from Parkville, tracked the stolen horses to the rebel camp in Dr. Joseph Walker's pasture, near the head of Todd's Creek. They saw 2 horsemen riding rapidly from Dr. Walker's house toward the camp, and when they found the camp they had just left. There was signs where 50 horses were fed--old cobs and fresh cobs. That night whistles were heard, calling them out of the thickets. J. Miller was seen coming from the camp before it was found. They had been camping there some time. Your troops were purposely misled. Dr. Walker and others belong to the Paw Paws for a cloak.

When Wilson's men found the camp, then Dr. Walker reported to Major Clark, but he took good care not to go there or let your troops know it. Moss played his part of the role in arming Paw Paws and permitting rebels to get private arms; now the Paw Paws will save their property under cloak, and secretly aid rebels, while they rob and assassinate Union men. Paw Paws will never find the bushwhackers. Secesh are laughing in their sleeves. They say they will clean us out in a day or two; we cannot raise more than 25 men to be depended on. Secesh say when Quantrill gets his men mounted, in three days he will collect his men and take Leavenworth. I am threatened, and if they find out I sent you any word they will assassinate me.

I got this information from reliable men who were in the scout and send it as I got it. Mrs. John Winston was there. They got a fine stud-horse hitched near the camp, and saw a fine sword in the house. It was evidently headquarters. Two weeks ago Mr. Morris' horses were stolen, and he got some men and tracked them into this pasture, but was warned by a secesh friend not to go into the brush, and he did not. Their whole operations are known to the secesh. Somebody feeds them. The great crime of Schofield and Moss & Co. in arming the rebels is now felt. When the Government has no troops and the leaves are out they act.

Ever sustaining your course in Missouri, and appreciating your great services, I am, truly, yours,


P. S.--If I can find where the camp is or whether they have left I will send you word.


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