June 23, 1864, Leavenworth, Kans.,
Brigadier General Saml. N. Wood to Major General S. R. Curtis

LEAVENWORTH, June 23, 1864.

 Maj. Gen. S. R. CURTIS,
Commanding Department of Kansas:

GENERAL: I have news from secesh circles at Parkville which points to Leavenworth as the place the guerrillas hope to attack when they are sufficiently prepared. It is the general current of rumor, the talk of the negroes who overhear their rebel masters, that Quantrill will soon visit Leavenworth. As much to prevent causeless panics at night as to assure safety, I have placed the town under guard at night. The guards are instructed to pass officers of the U.S. service who make themselves known. I have no doubt the officers and men of your command will conform to the regulations it is thought necessary to adopt.

Captain Gregg reports that he is unable to supply transportation for the ordnance stores I wished to send to Lawrence. I have four companies organized on a line extending from the Missouri River, at Delaware, to the Topeka road. The officers have special instructions to be watchful, and may be very useful. All but one of the companies are mounted, but, like the other troops under my command, not half armed. They are cautioned not to let any forces pass their line without ascertaining all about them. The raiders, if they come at all, may be in Federal uniform, and the passage of troops is too common an event to create suspicion.

I remain, very respectfully, your obedient servant,




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